Nature's Child Certified Organic Wonder Balm 45g

Nature's Child Certified Organic Wonder Balm 45g

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Wonder Balm for Skin Irritations

Wonder Balm is the go-to balm for the whole family for those irritating rashes & dryness that arise for us all from time to time.

Bottom Balm is our other super balm that parents buy to help with Nappy Rash Symptoms.

Wonder Balm is guaranteed to become the family favourite balm to have handy for all ages to assist with skin irritations, bites, bumps, scratches that need a calming cream on hand. Pop it in your medicine cabinet and grab it any time your skin has an annoying dryness or rash. Made in our organic facility in Sydney, Australia you will love the fresh feeling and subtle smell of gentle formula of lavender and chamomile.